Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heroes of Science!

Datazoid @ Deviantart has created a wonderful image of what the Heroes of Science Action Figures would look like.
"These little guys took between 40 minutes and 2 hours each, totalling around 50 hours of work.
I like action figures. I have a small collection of them. I’ve noticed that you can buy Albert Einstein figures, Nikola Tesla bobble-heads and The Simpsons even brought out a Stephen Hawking figure based on his appearance in an episode. However, I thought it’d be really cool if there was an entire series of them, based on all of the people who’ve contributed to our understanding of the world and the universe it sits in. 
I realise there are a *lot* of scientists that I’ve missed!
I did make a few rules for who I’d include in this selection, which are: 
the scientist must have been alive at some point in the 20th century. This is a practical consideration, as it really narrows the field down, and it eliminates a lot of the more outrageously-dressed characters, allowing me to work with mostly dudes in suits. No scientists famous for major medical breakthroughs. Primarily because medical heroes is a category all of its own, and there are hundreds to choose from. I’ve included Alexander Fleming here, because he was primarily a chemist, and because his discovery of penicillin was not a discovery made in the course of trying to cure something."
Unlike the Lil' Giants of Science, these action figures aren't real. I know, I know, we all wish they were. Maybe someone out there will make them (*insert pleading puppy dog eyes here*)?

(click image for larger version)

Read more about this art at Datazoid @ Deviantart page.

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