Tuesday, March 13, 2012

X-Ray Yoga

Interesting x-ray pictures (or even just renderings) are...well...interesting. The X-Ray Pin-up post from a while back is one of my favorite examples. When I was in my yoga class last night and finally achieving lift-off in crow pose I was totally aware of how funny I must look (because I always feel awkward and funny in crow pose). Following that train of thought, I was reminded of these x-ray yoga images I had seen over at Science Photo Library.

Lotus pose
Downward facing dog position
Side Bend
Tree pose (front)
Tree pose (side)
Scorpion pose



kaney said...

Marshall Govindan claims that Patanjali's yoga was not the eight limbs of yoga (categories of yoga practices) described in the Yoga Sutras, but rather, the last three elements of the second limb, which Patanjali called "kriya yoga." This claim is evaluated in the light of what Patanjali actually says in verse 2.1 and the fact that the eight limbs perfectly describe the component parts of yoga and fit in with all the other aphorisms in his treatise.

fibroplex plus metagenics

Anonymous said...

scorpion pose the last one!
very very nice!

scientessa said...

Thanks! The name will be added.

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