Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Drop of Water

Jim Kramer takes absolutely amazing photographs of water droplets. He uses paints and other colors to make the shots even more beautiful. He will also sometimes use additives like glycerol and dishwashing soap to alter the water’s consistency. Kramer uses a highly precise system, comprised of valves, stop shot sensors, and cameras for a perfect timing.
From the Archives: This one is from one of his first sessions with glycol (c) Jim Kramer

Red & Teal: Glycol collision against a stained glass background (c) Jim Kramer

Blood From Under: Another Solid Surface Crown -  if you look closely you can see the the red food coloring comes from under the cream (c) Jim Kramer

Red and Blue: 3 strobes through a red background and blue gels over the front strobes for this shot (c) Jim Kramer

Triple Color Crown: Heavy cream (lightly colored blue) being dropped onto a piece of black glass with a 'primer' drop is in the landing zone and 3 drops of food coloring to the outer edges of the primer drop (c) Jim Kramer

See more of these photos ZME Science's story "Water drops art by Jim Kramer"
and at the Jim Kramer's Flickr account

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