Saturday, September 3, 2011

TreeTop Barbie

Over beers last night we got to talking about great science videos, infographics, etc. And here's something new I discovered:

"You've heard of TreeTop Barbie, right?" a friend/coworker asks.
"What? No." I gasp, in reply.
"You have to look it up, its great! She has a field vest,  measuring tape, field notebook, everything," she informs me.
"That's fantastic! I need to look this up right way," I say, probably more excited than I should be.

When I searched for it I found that it is a Barbie doll that had special field work clothes made for it by Dr. Nalini Nadkarni from the Forest Canopy Lab at The Evergreen State College in Washington. This Barbie decked out in a field vest, cargo pants, hiking boots, helmet, climbing equipment (including a crossbow!), measuring tape, and field notebook. Perfect for getting up into the forest canopy and collecting data!

And here are a few articles about Barbie and her new clothes:

New York Times Article - "Making Science Rock, Roll and Swing From the Treetops"

The Olympian - "Barbie Meets Science"

You can get your own TreeTop Barbie through the International Canopy Network (ICAN) by filling out this form and making a $50 donation.

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