Monday, March 8, 2010

vin de perte de poids

A new study by U.S. experts at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston concluded that women who drink a couple of glasses of red wine per day gain less weight than those who do not (compared with water and sodas). Of course, not all spirits are created equal. Beer and alcohol are much less forgiving to the waistline than wine. The authors speculated that the beneficial effects of regularly consuming red wine are manifested in the liver which develops an alternative method of breaking down the alcohol. Rather than turning the alcohol into fat it is instead converted to heat.

There are also more well-known health benefits of drinking red wine such as increasing 'good cholesterol' (HDL) levels, preventing the formation of blood clots, lowering the risk of heart disease, and even extending life expectancy. Other studies have found that people score better on mensoakedtal arithmetic tests, have wider blood vessels, and show better blood flow to the brain after being given resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine.

Bottoms up!!

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