Friday, November 27, 2015

Lottie Dolls Love STEM

Happy Black Friday! Looking for a new sciency toy? Check out Lottie Dolls. They are a UK-based company that has a line of STEM dolls to encourage fun ways for kids to enjoy science. These Lotties are created in partnerships with organizations like the European Space Agency and Trowelblazers to make them representative of pioneering women in the fields. They come with lots of accessories too! Telescopes, digging tools, butterfly nets, they are all set to do science. Even Finn, a male figure in this line, ca be paired with accessories from any of the science themed dolls.

Butterfly Protector Lottie

Fossil Hunter Lottie

Stargazer Lottie

Robot Girl Lottie

(Lottie Dolls via Voices)

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