Thursday, January 1, 2015

The International Year of Soils

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! This is the year of the dirt worshipers. No, seriously, the 68th UN General Assembly declaired 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS).

The IYS "aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions." With this aim, there are specific objectives:
  • Raise full awareness among civil society and decision makers about the profound importance of soil for human life
  • Educate the public about the crucial role soil plays in food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, essential ecosystem services, poverty alleviation and sustainable development
  • Support effective policies and actions for the sustainable management and protection of soil resources
  • Promote investment in sustainable soil management activities to develop and maintain healthy soils for different land users and population groups
  • Strengthen initiatives in connection with the SDG process (Sustainable Development Goals) and Post-2015 agenda
  • Advocate for rapid capacity enhancement for soil information collection and monitoring at all levels (global, regional and national)
Throughout the year are several events planned all over the globe including conferences, tree plantings, forums, festivals, summits, and workshopes (to name a few).

You can find more at their website:

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