Monday, November 3, 2014

Cooking with Chemistry

Doing a little experimenting in the kitchen? There is some great chemistry inspired kitchenware out there. Some of these are for sale and some are DIY. However, if you have access to scientific supply vendors then many of them are great DIY ideas.

Magnetic Periodic Table of Herbs and Spices

You can download the plans from Instructables with additional ideas from that's nerdalicious!


Chemist's Spice Rack

Also over at that's nerdalicious! they review ThinkGeek's Chemist's Spice Rack ($49.99) that includes 9 spice test tubes with stoppers, 3 lab flasks with stoppers, a large lab flask with a pour spout stopper, a metal carrying tray, and 54 Periodic Table-style spice labels. Spices and oils are not included so you can customize.


Keeping with this spicy theme, Firebox also offers up a nice little Scientific Spice Rack ($32.00). It is relatively basic with a wooden rack and five test tubes with stoppers, but it has some nice looking labels and is good for small spaces.

Chemist's Beverage Kits

ThinkGeek also has a great Chemist's Cocktail Kit ($29.99) that you can use to "stir up some excitement about chemistry at your next party" or "enjoy a delightfully refreshing libation in your secret lair."

While you are over there, go ahead and grab their Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit ($39.99 sale) that includes the makings (even a DVD!) for incredibly neat cocktail chemistry.

Browse around their site long enough and you'll find that ThinkGeek is the nerdvana you've been missing. I like their Laboratory Beaker Mug ($4.99-$7.49), Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser ($11.99), and Erlenmeyer Flask Infuser (which they incorrectly label as a beaker, tsk tsk; $9.99) as well.

Another ThinkGeek find is this 2 liter Erlenmeyer Flask Spirit Decanter ($24.99). It does have a stopper instead of an aerator but all is forgiven because it holds wine.

Science and Math Cutting Boards

Elysium Woodworks has some absolutely amazing cutting boards. Looking for a gift for me for this holiday season? This is a good start.

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