Friday, February 1, 2013

The Art of the Insides

Danny Quirk is an artist that specializes in photo realistic watercolors, painting what the camera can't capture. One of his current bodies of work has a anatomical theme that combines classic poses, in dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, with an illustration of the structures under the skin. He's been working on several media including liquid latex body art applied to some willing participants. You can see more,  purchase, and even commission artwork from Danny here:

Danny Quirk's Artwork Facebook page
Danny Quirk on Behance
dquirk1017 on Etsy
Danny Quirk's email

Lateral Neck Dissection (body painting print)

Neck, face and back dissection (body painting)

Abdominal Dissection

Superior Musculature of the Back/Musculature of the Shoulder

Neck Dissection


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Unknown said...

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