Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Transparency of Nature

Here is some of the beautiful work from Japanese artist Iori Tomita and his series "New World Transparent Specimens". He uses a scientific techniques originally established to study the skeletal system, refining it for his art. For each specimen, Tomita first removes the scales or skin of specimen that has been preserved in formaldehyde. Then he leaves the specimen in a mixture of blue stain, ethyl alcohol, and glacial acetic acid. Next he enzymatically breaks down the proteins and muscles using the trypsin, stopping the reaction as soon as the specimen is transparent but before it loses it's form. Finally, he stains the bones magenta by soaking the specimen in a solution of potassium hydroxide and red dye, and he stains the the cartilages blue similarly before preserving the specimen in glycerin.
Here are just a few of his amazing images. Visit his website for more: New World Transparent Specimens

(via designboom)

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