Monday, December 20, 2010

Body by Google

Google. Love Google. It does so much, including powering this blog. They are known for their great mapping technologies such as Google Earth. Now they tackle a new mapping challenge: The human body. Last Thursday marked the release of Body Browser.

Body Browser uses 3D graphics application programming interface WebGL running within a browser to create a three-dimensional model that allows users to zoom in and out of the human body, remove layers, and generally explore. It is searchable and clickable, giving all sorts of info on how the body is put together.

Body Browser doesn't require Java or Flash, but you will need a browser that supports WebGL. Google recommends using the most recent version of Chrome, but Safari and Firefox/4.0b1 work as well. Body Browser is still in beta and has not been officially released, but users are able to try it out and report problems and bugs. So keep an eye out for this program to become fully operational.


Here's the Body Browser site:,2817,2374438,00.asp,2817,2374462,00.asp
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