Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tales from the Road: South Beach

I'll bet that you've heard of South Beach, right? It is a "neighborhood" located in the city of Miami, Florida. Technically it is the southernmost 23 blocks of the main barrier island that separates the Atlantic Ocean from Biscayne Bay. It is known for its amazing beaches, art deco, and nightlife. Art deco is an eclectic design style that is often described as elegant, lavish, functional, and modern. You typically see materials such as stainless steel, lacquer, inlaid wood, and animal skins/prints used in creative and sweeping forms and patterns. Streamline Moderne, a style of Art Deco, is apparent in the pastel colored buildings of South Beach. It is characterized by long horizontal lines, curving forms, and automotive and/or nautical elements. So is architecture science? That might be a bit of a stretch, but here are some South Beach pictures anyway.

Yep, South Beach has an actual beach. How else would everyone show off
their surgical enhancements :-) It was a cloudy day so not much beach traffic.

This site gives lots of information on the arts, culture, dining, and shopping in South Beach:

Here is the website for the City of Miami Beach:

And at the risk of turning into a travel guide, here's another what-to-do-in-South-Beach site:
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