Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Rails

High speed trains. You ask me, I say they are a wonderful idea as long as someone is willing to pony up the money to build the infrastructure. That money thing seems to be the problem in the U.S. at least (how many light rail laws have passed with no actual trains being built?). Anyway, take a look at this proposed train in Britain.

The Mercury Train is a design of Paul Priestman and Priestmangoode, the designer of Britain's widely used Virgin Pendolino train cars. Priestman is determined to convince Britain that a high-speed, high-tech train such as this is the key to achieving sustainable, low-carbon transportation which will invigorate the economy.

The train is a 400 meter long double-decker that travels at 225 mph. Such speed is thanks in part to the extended nose of the train.It houses commuter seats outfitted with entertainment systems, private compartments, a play area for kids, and a bar and lounge.

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