Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pet Protection

In 2008, Switzerland made a news-worthy decision about "plants rights" (that says the arbitrary killing of floral is morally wrong) in a report entitled "The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants." Not exactly sure how to enforce that one, but good job.

Now, 70% of Swiss voters have rejected a proposal that will provide state-funded lawyers to represent animals in court when trying cases of animal cruelty. This isn't exactly a new idea, certain high up politicans in the U.S. have proposed similar things. Needless to say, nothing has been passed. My opinion? Its a not-in-my-backyard or keep-out-of-my-wallet type of proposal. A majority of people are against animal cruelty (otherwise reality pet police shows wouldn't be so popular), but no one wants to pay for the legal expertise to punish the offenders.

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